With a fleet of trucks and trailers at your ready disposal, African InterContinental Group LLC has the assets and expertise to provide proficient, customized road freight solutions. With exceptionally maintained equipment and well-trained drivers we are able to offer an array of services such as loose cargo trucking, LTL & FLT services, container trucking and cross – border trucking.


  • Flat-bed trailers.
  • Low-bed trailers.
  • Box trailers.
  • Multi-axle trailers.
  • Extra long trailers.
  • Extra wide trailers.
  • Extendable trailers.

Our proficiency and expertise in Cross-border documentation and inter border formalities and regulations guarantees our clients a smooth, hassle-free experience when transporting their cargo from one country to another within the sub region (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad and Congo).

Our new fleet is fitted with vehicle monitoring systems equipment that enables our team to track cargo deliveries through their journey, providing real-time updates to our customers.